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tentical porn is cool!

so, i ended up not going to haven anyway b/c food didn't get done till late (frozen chicken doesn't broil well) and swan, kiten, and mori stopped by around 8:30-9, and i was really just going to see them and a few other people.

so aerith and i stayed home. we finished watching La Blue Girl. yay for hentai *G*

then...well, that's way too much tmi, so i'll let you read more if you want.
Aerith had an idea that sort of came from watching La Blue Girl. Basically it was someone practicing their sex craft on a young victim. Guess who got to be the victim *G*. It was sort of "how many times can Aerith make Athene come" which was totally fine with me!!! I lost count *G* Aerith said he's never heard me be so loud before. I'm not going to go into anymore detail, but afterwards my brain wasn't connecting to my mouth properly and i could barely move (in a good way)
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