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long day

i'm so glad that my weekend starts in 1.5 hours. I am so drained. everyone at work keeps commenting on how tired i look. i think it's because I'm so worried about everything.

I watch the news or and I hear the bombs going off and I read about American troups distroying Armored Carrier Vehicals and I cry. I cry because there is a loss of life. I know that Saddam has done aweful things. But somehow I just don't think we should have gotten involved in this way. It just doesn't make any sense to me. I just don't understand it. And yet I still feel safe here in America. There hasn't been any war on the mainland US for what? 100 years or something? I wonder if the war came here or if there had been wars here recently (not just 9-11, which wasn't a war) if people would feel differently about this war. It just bothers me so much and worries me. But if I feel safe, I don't know why I worry so.

I've been thinking about how this would compaire to ancient greek/roman times. Probably b/c I'm a classisist and also b/c the war is taking place in what was Persia. I hear on the radio about how Saddam's eldest son has killed his brothers-in-law, or something, and it makes me think of Rome and the sucession to the throne. I also wonder if the US is like the Athenian Empire and Iraq is like Sparta. I guess that's why it makes sense that there were all those readings of Lysistrata. But the problem is that Athens started doing stuff that the rest of the polises didn't like and they lost allies and then lost the war. Somehow i think we'll still "win" whatever "winning" means with or without allies. I just don't know how much we'll be trusted after that. Also the name "Iraqi Freedom" or something just reminds me of how every leader to pop up in Greece claimed to be the "Liborator of the Greeks" who were in Asia Minor (ie, the Middle East). However, as soon as the leader took over the area, he just subjigated the people (no matter what country they belonged to) and then someone else would have to come along to "liberate the greeks". The parallels are just too much. And this is where Nayone reminds me that history repeats itself. It's just doing it this time with large weapons that can kill lots and lots of people from far away..

today at work hasn't been that great either. I had this call that really threw me, but I don't want to write about it now.

At least tomorrow I get to sleep late (unless I want to get up early to watch the repeate of the Buffy Musical on FX at's on tonight at 6pm). Then Aerith and I are going to visit Nayone in Providence and go to Fire and Ice and then to see Chicago the movie. On saturday we're bringing Nayone back with us and Munin's going to come over so we can watch more Twin Peaks. Yay!

It's grey out. I wonder if it's raining.

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