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ideas on driving and some other things

cygnusfap has more VSD of politicans. The newest one is Tony Blair :)

I've been thinking about driving patterns on the highway and I've come to the conclusion that when humans are on a 2 lanes (in the same direction) highway it's almost like the cars are pack animals. This theory doesn't work as well once there are more lanes b/c there is more opertunity for movement. Bascially the theory works like this: when you are driving you are either in a pack or you are not. If you are in the pack then you are in one of 3 places. 1) You are at the front of the pack, setting the pace, no one is passing you. 2) you are in the middle of the pack. You may be content driving with everyone else or you might be cursing at everyone for being in your way. 3) You are at the end of the pack. Either you just caught up to the pack and are cursing them for going slowly or everyone else is passing you are you are falling behind. Now if you are by yourself there are again 3 possiblities 1) The pack has passed you by/left you behind because you are going too slowly 2) There just happens to be no one/almost no one around and you are driving by yourself 3) You just broke away from the pack because you are going faster than them and you are usually glad that all of the assholes are now out of your way.

I guess that it proves either that humans like to travel in packs or that everyone on the road is either going too fast for some or too slow for others. But i wonder if there's a pattern here. I would assume that there are those people who are always the leaders who break away from one pack just to drive fast enough to join the next one. And there are those who are always lagging behind their pack and then coming to the front/get passed by the new pack. But then again, there are times when I'm the fast one always drifting to the packs ahead and times when a whole pack passes me. And i'm usually doing the same speed either time. I guess it just depends on the day. I've noticed that people drive faster when it's warmer and you can have the window down. But maybe there is something to this and i could write up one of those silly online personality tests or something. Or maybe it's just that most people can't think for themselves and will just follow everyone else.

Just thoughts I have while on the road.

in other news:
Fire and Ice just rocks my world. Cimmy, you'd LOVE the decore of the place. very bright with very moddern lines and shapes. I really want to go back, to either that one or to one of the other ones.

Aerith and Nayone finally got to see Chicago after which we had a long discussion about what it meant and Nayone once again showed her amazing brilliance which I admire her for (and am sometimes jealous of).

Yesterday was Twin Peaks with my others and Munin. Lots and lots of Twin Peaks. It's really good. The last episode that we watched had some really freaky imagry at the end that i kept seeing when i closed my eyes.

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