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rain :)

I'm soaking wet!!! I was walking in the rain to work (well, from the parking garage). it was nice, but i wish it was lighter so i could have lifted my head up and really enjoyed it. there is nothing like been cleaned by Mother Nature :) I just wish I could have found my cloak this morning :(

If the idea of baths came from bathing in streams/rivers/ponds, where did the idea of showers come from? was it the rain or waterfalls? I want to say the rain, but it usually doesn't rain hard enough for a real cleansing shower (at least by my standards). probably was both.

so, i have my adonis's e-mail address and my sis says he will be in Boston on saturday so I should e-mail him quickly. aaahhhhhhhhh. I don't know if i can. I want to. really badly. i probably will and it will come across as stupid, but hey, that's something. i hope he checks his e-mail a lot. my sis went out to dinner w/him and some other people last night (how i got the e-mail) she said he mentioned that the time he kissed me on the forehead was the first time he kissed a girl at least three times. I guess it ment a lot to him. why why why why why did i never do anything w/him??? oh yeah, b/c i was a scared freshman and he shrugged me off when i cornered him that one time. WHY DIDN'T I JOIN THE SCI-FI CLUB MY FIRST YEAR OF HS????????????? maybe i would have had a chance with him then! he wanted me to. I think i'll beat myself up over this one forever!!! damn it. well, we can't change the past. or our hearts.

in other news, kiten got spectre to climb more on the structure aerith built. he actually was climbing around on it on his own (and looked like he was going to pounce on Swan's head *G*). The D&D game last night went pretty well.

Ok, i'm going to e-mail my adonis now, before i think better of it!!
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