Athene Numphe (athene) wrote,
Athene Numphe

Sedar and Family

Thursday Mommy and Aerith and I went to Chilli's with a lot of people :). It was ok food, but the conversations were great. And Zanek showed up. *happy dance*

Friday was a bad day. Mom and I went shopping. First I got tickets for X2 and then I took her to A to Z. *G*. I got Apples to Apples and this really cool "Make your own model of the Parthenon." It has all of the freezes and everything with a possible way they were painted!! Then we went to the grocery stores for Passover food. I was really upset in the store for really no reason. I had all these urges to make a scene, but I knew it was really stupid and juvinile, so I held it in. Mommy and I got almost all the food we needed and then lots of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream (b/c it was on sale :) ). I was brave and got Pistacio b/c I like the nuts and I wanted to try something new. Still haven't actually tried the ice cream yet. Then we had lunch at home and went over to the not-dead-anymore mall for silverware and a large pot and stuff. Mommy is so great and bought me so much wonderful stuff. She says I don't get any wedding presents from her when I get married. :) Got really depressed at Linen N Things. Tried to call Aerith, but he was having a bad day too. *sigh*. Then came the worst thing, after being in the store for over 45 minutes, we came outside to find out that I had locked the keys in the car with the car running. I freaked out and called Aerith, who begrudgingly came to the rescue, but I had already lost it and had to walk away for a little while (good thing there was a Barnes and Nobles right there to help me calm down and put my head back on, mostly). Came back home with food and alcohol and Aerith was really sweet about everything. Then I showed Mommy Lilo and Stitch, Kiten came over, and Mommy and I went to get Cimmy at the train station. I got a little lost on the way, but then I found it.

Saturday was cooking and cleaning and getting ready for the sedar. I learned why people dread having their mothers stay with them. I know that she was trying really hard, and I'm really thankful for all the cleaning that she did, but she used the dish sponge for the counters. Argh!! Anyway, we made chicken soup and cherossetts and mashed potatos and brocilli and other stuff. Then Mortis and mom's friend showed up. We had a really nice sedar, with some pagan and feminist elements throw in, such as casting a circle and an orage on the sedar plate. After the sedar we played Apples to Apples. :) I like that game.

Yesterday, Aerith, Cimmy, Mom and I went out to brunch at Union Sation. It was a really really good brunch. They had lots of food. Aerith told me he has a secret. Cimmy seems to know it. Not fair. I'm so curious!!!!! After brunch we drove Cimmy to the train station, but first she and mommy got to see where I worked. After she left, Aerith and I drove around some of the apartment complexes in the area. None of them look as nice as ours. We are going to try to stay in this complex. I hate moving!

Said good-bye to Mommy this morning as she is leaving before I get home from work. Going to miss her so much! Had a really good couple of conversations with her about life and things. I realized that instead of narrowing down what I want to apply to graduate school for, to apply to all the programs in all the areas that I'm interested in, see what I get into and make a descison based on that.

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