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lalala. Now that I know how to deal w/Chicago customers, I get the really quiet queue. so now I'm bored. I left my book at home (I am on the very last part anyway). I've read the summeries of all the Angel Episodes this season. I think I'm going to start reading the archives of "It's Walky" b/c they are doing a cross over w/Fans.

monday was good. I haven't played AD&D in AGES, but it felt nice to be back in the game. I really need to develop my character more before next monday. Human, Fighter, Beserker :)

yesterday's Buffy was just...strange. I'm not really sure if I liked where it went. I really don't like Caleb. He just makes my skin crawl.

issues: some have been delt with. some are in the process of being dealt with or will be dealt with in the near future. others are going to be around for a long time. At least I am sure about one thing: the love Aerith and I have for each other. hmm...talking about that, must start planning for Beltaine *G*.

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