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Beltane was amazing! Aerith and I did a private ritual that was just the best. It's so nice to have an apartment to ourselves b/c we were able to cast a really nice circle in the living room. We had the mead that Deryvn and his L gave us back in January. It tasted really excelent. It was the first time that Aerith and I were part of a ritual that was just the two of us. It was an amazing bonding experiance. :) When he invoked the Horned One, there were actually horns on his head. It was a great ritual. *G*

Today was really good too. Got up and did laundry and some hand-washing. Set up a tape to tape the Star Trek episode of Reading Rainbow. Now I have that episode forever! If you want to see it, let me know.

Then I went and hung out with the kiten. She made me an Evanesance(sp) cd. Then we went out to Walmart where I got another box of hair dye, same color. Then to the stables by Smith b/c Kiten is becoming a horse massuse and she needs to find a place she can work on horses and so I showed her the stables. Then we went by the art museum so I could say hi to hermione's violin. :) THEY HAVE GREEK POTTERY THERE!!!!!!! I didn't really get a chance to look at it. Will have to go back later.

It just started to rain just as I was leaving Kiten's. I litterally raced the storm home.

Now must go b/c going to see X2. so excited. it's going to rock!

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