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X2 and party

Went to see X2 on friday. mmm...Mystique. Safire figured out that the reason why guys are always sitting w/women standing next to them in movies is so when there is a head shot of the man, the *cough*torso*cough* of the woman is also in the shot. Now, with Rebecca Romain-Stamos, I'm so not complaining, although I really like her stomach better. I'm not really sure what I thought of the movie on the whole. I waver from really liking it to thinking it was ok. I think I should see it again :). I feel like they tried to do a lot, and I'm not sure how much the compleated. I liked that the X-Men and the Brotherhood had to work together, but there should have been either more tension, or less tension and more backstabing. I really liked the characterizations of Nightcrawler and Pyro (got to love teen-age angst). I was watching something on tv this morning about how the director tried to make more mutant-human interactions. I think that they worked in showing us how much the humans fear mutants, but I feel like there should have been some from the other side...humans who like mutants. And there needed to be more Kitty Pryde. But the ending...ooohhhh...Phoenix!

Yesterday I got to hang out with Mortis a whole bunch which is always good. "Burninating the village, burninating the pesants, burninating the people upstairs!". Went to the Cave party. Happy birthday, Munin! Had a really good (if brief - due to lack of sleep and work today) time. Hehe. Flashy lights and Animal underroos fun! Got to see some people I haven't seen in ages and meet some new cool people. The more I talk to Jugler's g/f, the more I like her. Wish I could have stayed longer, espcially since Wolf showed up just as I was leaving, but Aerith and bed called.

on the negitive side: George is due for his monthy visit today or tomorrow. bleck.

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