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more on housing

It looks more and more like it would be a better idea for Aerith and I to buy a place, espcially b/c there are places for sale in our apartmet complex that we could most likely aford. The thing is that means at least another 2 years in the area. The problem with that is that I'm not really all that intreagued with grad schools at UMass. I don't want to "settle" for something. I don't want Aerith to have to "settle" for something either. But maybe I should look at everything in my life that makes me happy and weigh it against "settling" for everything that is just ok and see how it comes out.

*sigh* The more I look at all the graduate programs Tufts offers, the more I want to go there. Of course, they're one of the few grad schools I've looked that that doesn't seem to do much for tuition wavers or stypends.

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