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the weekend was very good.

on friday Aerith and I saw an ok play called The Wier. People in an Irish pub telling ghost stories. very long.

saturday a bunch of people came over and we played Aberrant. It was a lot of fun. I hope that we play again b/c I definatly want to play that character again!!!

sunday was Miller's Reach. I had SOOOOOO MUCH FUN!!!!!! Lady Foxglove, a white mage, and I went through this dungon w/all these problems and had to crawl back and forth a lot. It was great. And there was so much plot and running around and I got killed a lot and I killed bad guys (not the regent - for a change *G*). The last bad guy was such a whimp! it was soooo funny!!!! We get to him after much hacking and slashing and healing (hurray for picking up Heal Limbs) and after the first lightning bolt hits him he freeks out and says "Oh, i didn't know you were throwing things. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, here you go" then he threw the things we needed (and some gold and wedding stones and things) at us and jumped back in his box. I think it was one of the funniest ends of an event that I've ever seen!!!

but today I am soooo sore. my leg feels like it has a nasty bruse on it, i am tired, my legs and arms hurt. I hope i am answering people's questions correctly :)
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