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finally, it works

The DNS server was going wonky at work earlier today (couldn't even get to the company website). But it looks like it's working again!!! At least I was able to send e-mails before. Finally e-mailed the Mad Russian back. :) And had e-mail conversations with both Aerith and Safire. yay for e-mail.

Although it's going away now I've had this feeling of dread all morning. Usually being in Aerith's arms is the safest place in the world for me, where I feel that nothing can hurt me. However, this morning I couldn't shake the feeling of impending doom. Not really sure why. Got to work just fine. Work has been good (with the exception of not being able to view a lot of websites); got my first quarter bonus check. Still, all morning it felt like something was off. I'm not really felling it anymore. I am feeling a little out of things, but that could just be because I need food...10 mintues until lunch time. It's just bothering me. bleck!

Had a good weekend. Hung out with Kiten (who, no matter what she claims, was not being a bitch) on friday. Had an adventure with her. Then went out to dinner with Aerith and then to the catlings gathering. Forgot her sweater. Was a good gathering. Yesterday Aerith and I looked at 3 places. 2 were ok. The 3rd was just amazing. really really want it. now must get finances and mortage together. I really hope we can pull this off!

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