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Good Movies

Saw 3 really good movies in the past two days.

Saturday afternoon I saw The Italian Job. OMG! It was really really good. The first movie that i've seen in the theatres recently that moved at a really good pace, enough action and plot twists to keep you wondering, but enough down time so it wasn't all action. As Wolf pointed out, one of the nice things about the movie was that the main characters didn't use guns. I'd like to expand on that by saying that there were guns used, but only by the "bad"er guys. Those who "steel to enrich their lives" didn't need the guns/display of power, because they were doing it for the enjoyment/revenge and they had the skills to work without guns. But those who "steel to define thier lives" were the ones who were so insecure in themselves that they needed the guns. I also think that the movie is ultimatly Stella's movie. It's her father that died and her choice to fill his shoes in an illegal way that makes the whole thing possible and her choice is solidified when she turns around to see what is in the case. The movie starts with a gift for her, because her father can't be around and ends with her having what she wants, someone (Charlie) who will always be there for her. The only thing that I found really improbible, and only b/c of where I work, was when they pulled the guy's cable and then after he called the cable company and made an apointment for repair, they called him right back to let him know something just opened up. NO WAY IN HELL would that ever happen. If it did, it would take at least an hour or two before the customer could be called back. Well, I found it funny, even if no one else in the theatre did :) I wish they had done more with the control of the traffic lights, maybe shown consiquenses elseware or someone trying to track the hacker. I guess I'll wait for the dvd to see if there are extra scenes.

Saturday night I saw T2 (finally). It was not nearly as scary as I thought it would be, although it was disturbing (espcially with the idea of the nuclear war). I was really impressed at how modern the special effects still look, even after things like the Matrix.

Sunday work was crazy busy. WTF! It was SUNDAY! Don't people have better things to do on sunday than to call the cable company??? Oh well. Came home to Aerith cooking dinner and we watched American Beauty. What is American Beauty? Is it the beauty of life, specifically free/happy life? Is it the scenes that we see, the bag floating in the wind, the dead bird, the trees that were so carefully planted to line the suburban avenue? Is it the value that the characters placed on their lives or the lives themselves? Or does the beauty lie in the Lester's death when he was finally content with everything? Something that I never noticed before was the hate and shame in Ricky's dad's eyes after he kissed Lester and Lester turned him down. If looks could kill...well, the did. Aerith and I were talking afterwards about the way that it ended and how nice it was that the filmmakers didn't see the need to show the repercussions of Lester's murder, partly because the audience is told who shot him, but mostly because if it is Lester's story from his POV, there is no need to continue once his life is over.

Wow, busy today too. I started this entry when I came in and now it's lunch time.

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