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out of ravenloft

OMG! We made it out of Ravenloft! Finally. After 2 years of game play and about 50 years of time in the realm (well...when 47 go by in a period of about a week, it helps that number along). I wonder what's going to happen now.

At the end the characters were confronted by the land itself (as a dragon...of course, we didn't know she was a dragon b/c she had an illusion of being a human up). It's interesting because as Cecily (my old character) I would have totally gone off on her because of everything that the character went through. But Petra (new character) doesn't have any of those feelings and so she just stayed silent. But Cecily's thoughts were raging inside of me the whole time. It's that part of me that is thrilled that we compleated out quest. Petra, on the otherhand, is just relieved and wants to go home.

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