Athene Numphe (athene) wrote,
Athene Numphe

Shopping, Booze and Video Games

Yesterday after Aerith got home from work, Juggler came over and the three of us went to the big mall. I got the most adorable outfit at Charlotte Russe. It's this goth schoolgirl looking thing. :) Got to spend my $20 gift certificate on it :) We also got a third controler for the PS2 and lots of yummy candy :)

After the mall we got achohol and fired up 3 player Tetris. Then Kiten and AK came over w/a 4th controler, food, and more booze :). We all got tipsy and played Tetris, Bust-a-Move, and Shrek Super Party. Lots and lots of fun. Juggler had this really yummy liqour which was like drinking melted mint chocolate chip ice cream.

I just found out that my favorite part (the technical awards) of the Tonys are only being WEBCAST! It's not fair. I don't know if my comp is fast enough to watch them and they are the best things to watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So unfair!!!!!!!!!!!

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