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The Tony Awards

Watched the Tony Awards last night (even the webbroadcast technical awards). It was a really beautiful celebration of theatre. It made me remember just how much I LOVE the theatre and made me wish that I could have been in NYC to see all these great shows. I also need to see more opera. I started crying when they were doing a bit of La Boheme. It brought me back to the last time that I saw it in New Orleans. *sigh* It's just so moving. And then when they were recongnizing the late Al Hirschfeld. I didn't know he had died. I remember my parents first showing me his drawings and my sister and I desperatly trying to find all of the "NINA"s before the other one did. I don't think that theatre will be the same without him. But I think that the best part of the evening was the acceptance speech by Scott Wittman and Marc Shaiman followed by their kiss. Two men kissing on primetime CBS! :)

I had a lot more to say on how profoundly theatre has always touched my life and how I know that I'll never be able to live without it, but my break is almost over and there isn't really enough time to formulate the proper thoughts between calls.

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