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Iocaine powder

Last night I finally got a chance to talk to the Mad Russian. Good thing too b/c she is going to visit Mother Russia for a few weeks. I'm so happy that we talked. I really miss talking to her (i know i write this everytime, but it's true). And she's going to be going to RPI in the fall so she won't be that far away. Yay!

Also when I came home last night Aerith was making dinner. yum. and later we changed into pjs and watched The Princess Bride until the 6-fingered man knocks Westley unconcious (and I just had to quote Tank Girl).

not too much else going on. We are still waiting from the damn piece of paper from the bank and the lawyer is working on the "Purchess and Sales" agreement. *sigh* so much to do. We're going to have to start thinking about packing soon.
Aerith finally got his new comp built, so he's happy.
Finished reading The Mallorean yesterday. Now just waiting for Harry Potter to come out.
Had a really good time at the girl's night that Kiten had last friday. I need more of those.
People have been coming over for Star Trek:Next Gen now that Buffy is over. Finally got to see Data getting laid.
I wish it actually felt like summer. Last month I kept thinking it was March. At least this month I only think that it's May. Maybe next month I'll figure it out.

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