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hookie and OotP

This morning Aerith and I both played hookie from work :) I think that we needed it.

Last night I finished Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I liked it a lot. I think that Rowling moved away from a mystery novel into something deeper and more involved with the world she has created. I actually figured out the Voledmort was probably giving Harry the dreams to try to get something. I was so mad at the end when Harry found the mirror. It would have saved him so much trouble. Such an awful death! I cried and cried. I really liked that Ron was made a prefect because he really is such a good guy. I wonder why Cho was interested in Harry. Did she like him for him or because she felt that he could keep the memory of Cedrick alive. *shrug*. And Ginny's really grown a lot, which is great. And Tonks. OMG I just LOVE Tonks. She so cool :) I can't wait to see more of her. And it's so unfair that we won't find out about the O.W.L. results until the 6th book.

Did anyone else notice that they say "mate" a lot? Was that something that was cut out of the earlier American editions and now that this book is a lot more British in feel in terms of sentence construction and wording that they were left in, or was it just Rowling trying to make them seem more grown up and using more slang words? I guess I won't know until i read the Brit versions.

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