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I had a really icky dream last night. I dreams that I was taking a shower and there were these dead tiny roaches that kept being on the floor of the shower stall. I couldn't figure out were they were coming from. At first I just washed them down the drain, but more and more of them kept piling up. I tried to go into another shower, but the house I was in was being remodeled and so the other bathroom wasn't working (this house looked like no house I have ever lived in). So then I got the brilliant idea to have my sister pour water over my head at a sink. However, there was only one sink in the kitchen and when we turned on the water it was all milky (due to the work being done on the house). So I had to go back and try to shower with all the dead roaches but I really didn't want to. I don't know if I finished my shower b/c that's all I remember. I woke up really creaped out and Aerith had to hold me for a bit before I calmed down.

Now I'm at work and i'm really out of it. weeeeeeee.

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