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Friday night was Pirates of the Caribbian with safirerings, kiten, and athanata. sophaeia was supposed to come too, but she got stuck in traffic :( OMG! What a great movie! Johnny Depp was amazing. And I think that it had the best sword fight since The Princess Bride.

Yesterday Aerith and I drove to Eastern Mass to surprise his mother with a visit. She was so happy to see us. And I got to play with the little baby. Well...she isn't so little anymore (17 months). She's not talking yet, but she makes lots of noise, and you can see the intellegence in her eyes. I know that when she starts talking she's just not going to stop. I also got to meet Aerith's uncle and play with a sprinkler on a motion senser (to scare away cats from his flowerbed). We went out to dinner with Aerith's mother, eldest sister and her fiance/baby's daddy while his other older sister watched the little one. It was a nice dinner, except I don't like my stake charcol burnt. Then I drove home at 10pm. Didn't fall asleep, which was good. Singing along to the music really helps. At one point I passed a cop who had his lights off. He put on his lights and pulled over the car behind me. Yay for cruise control.

This morning I called in sick from work (bad me, I know, but sometimes it's hard to care). Aerith and I got laundrey done and went to the store and we have tickets to see Copenhagen at New Century Theatre. Of course this year's season is really amazing, and it's the first time in 5 years that I don't free tickets. oh well.

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