Athene Numphe (athene) wrote,
Athene Numphe

Last Night's Disaster

Last night at the show Sasha was running light board (instead of Lindsay b/c she had to go to her Grandma's 85th B-day party). So the stage manager called cue three which links to cue four (a black out) and the stage doesn't blackout. Michelle is calling Sasha to press the blackout button, but she can't find it and then when she does, she doesn't know how to get it out of blackout. In the meantime the actors are getting antsy, Sasha is panicking, and the audience is wondering what the hell is going on. Finally after a little while (and a number of appologies to actors and audience) it is decided that Sasha is going to press go for the blackout cues and then just hit the blackout button and it will all be ok. We start, it works, and we all breathe a little easier. Then Page, the ASM, goes up stairs and notices that there is something in the C-D fadder as well as the A-B fadder. So she and Sasha clear that and everything is fine from the on. Hurray!

Other than that, the show is going really well and I am having tons of fun working on it. The actors are cool, head set conversations are fun and I'm getting a chance to catch up on my Cosmo reading. I've also started saving some money for horseback ridding lessons and started studding my greek again. it's slowly coming back to me :)

Now I'm hungry and Spectre is asleep at my feet (any lying on my skirt) so i really don't want to move, but i think i will.
Tags: theatre

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