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Saw Copenhagen. (duh, I said I was going to in my last post). Ran into the NCT Company Mother. She told the box office people to give us comp tickets b/c we'd been with NCT for so long. Yay for free theatre. We bought raffle tickets, but we didn't win. Oh well. Company Mother also asked how Nayone was since we were such "close friends" last summer. I just said that she and I had a falling out. It's a pretty good explanation for it.

Copenhagen was really really good. The acting was fanominal. Sam Rush just blew me away. The show really got me too. All of the what ifs and the ideas of the uncertanty of the memories of the dead Heisenburg and Borh vs. the realities of situtation, war, and math/phyisics. I'm not sure how much about the meetings of the two of them was fact and how much was artistic licence, but the possiblities of what could have happened, what may have been said, what wasn't said are facinating. Also the morality of theoretical phyiscs and fission to create a bomb. Is it better to purposly downplay the work you are doing so the "evil" doesn't get a hand on it and thus save millions of lives, or to help the "good guys" develop one of the most powerful and distructive weapons in human history and have the deaths of millions on your hands? What do you do when science colides with politics and war. It's facenating to thing about, to have it played out and questioned on stage before you. It really made me think. (And I think that Aerith has been right all these years, I would have really liked physics if I had ever taken it).

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