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evil icky morningness

First of all, I have my period.

Second I had to get up fuck early b/c Aerith has to be at this thing he's doing for 8am. grrr.

Third I burnt (not a lot but a little) my bagle.

Fourth, when i tried to scrape off the burnt part the bagle flew out of my hands and landed on the floor. twice.

So i start crying. and what does mr. sensitive do? he yells at me for making loud noise in the morning. I'm in hysterics and he won't even come onto the floor and give me a hug! He just tells me that it's just a bagle and I shouldn't be all upset. See point number one (which he knew) and wonder why in conjuction with point number two this might happen.

But I finally get a hug and pull myself (mostly) together.

Tags: aerith, george

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