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Ah the crazyness

We close tomorrow, move on thursday. why can't the house pack itself up????

To do today:

  • Wash last load of laundrey
  • Call electricians to see about putting a cable jack upstairs - one called back. can do it on thursday. yay!
  • Fold clothes
  • Meet Aerith for lunch
  • Pack all clothes that won't be worn in the next 3 days - everything is packed except for some bags ontop of Aerith's closet.
  • Pack all bedding that is not currently in use
  • Pack everything in bathrooms that is not currently in use
  • Pack everything in hall closet that is not currently in use
  • Try not to panic
  • Pack everything in kitchen that won't be needed in the next few days - got some done. That which isn't is either on the floor waiting to be packed or in the drying rack.

right...well, time to get cracking.

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