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black is now brown

Aerith and I did some laundrey at the new place last night. Either the washer is fucked up or some asshole put in too much bleach into the washer b/c now one of my black summer shirts (that i have only gotten to where ONCE this summer)is compleatly brown, my blue shirt is purple (and i really liked it blue) and some of Aerith's black shirts are faded. ARGH! Not a happy 'Thene.

The unpacking is going well. Most of the downstairs is done. Will hopefully all be done before Trek tonight with the Crew. The bedroom is starting to shape up nicely. Still need to do some unpacking there and set up my alter. And then the study. Went through my box of notes from my Smith classes. Threw out some and repacked the others. A lot more do to there.

More to say, but my break is over. Well, back to the grind. I need a new job, soon!

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