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not a good day.

I am NOT having a very good day.

First I had to get up early even though it was my day off.

Then the nice car place didn't have time to give my car an oil change.

Then when I went over to Safire's so I could print out my resume the printer wacked out and started printing a million copies of one page and then jammed and we had to unjam it (which gave me ink all over my fingers) and restart it and the computer.

Then when we were running around doing errands so we could go be classics dorks at a museum, my car's temp gage hit the red thing for a moment at a stoplight. So I freeked out and droped Safire off and came straight back to NoHo. Which of course was stupid of me because I should have parked the car somewhere close by and let to cool off for an hour or so. I really hope it's just the weather b/c I'm working next friday (switched sunday for friday w/a co-worker) so I don't know when I can have it looked at.

Most recently I've spent about an hour getting some things out of my system (and crying).

so, i have not done the laundrey, i have not picked up the house, i have not gone to the museum, i have done almost nothing productive (I did send out a resume/cover letter this morning and went to the store for conditioner), i feel useless, and if i start the laundrey now it will fuck up going swimming with Aerith when he comes home from work in 30 minutes (which I really really really want to do). Once again, Athene screws up everybodies plans for the day.
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