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better weekend

so friday night was a lot better than friday day. Saw Secratary again, this time with Safire and ThreeGee.

saturday was the meatfest at wabres's parents. Aerith and I bought buffalo meat to bring. There was lots of meat (lamb, beef, ribs, buffalo, etc) as well as other things like just picked corn and potato salad and watermellon. It was all very yummy. I really liked the buffalo burgers. very tasty. there was also boffing and volleyball. I liked the volleyball much better when we started using a beach ball. I was much less scared of the beach ball :). Aerith and I left early b/c rougeactor and bellebet were supposed to be staying over that night. But we came home to find a message saying that they weren't going to be staying over. And I had already switched shifts with someone at work so I could have the day off.

Sunday I had off (so i'm working on friday). Aerith and I got up late and went to the store and cleaned up around the house and did laundrey and were overall productive people, which made me feel good. We rented and watched Serendipity. Is so extra cute. *sigh*

Had a dream about my car problems, but I don't remember much about it.

Today at work I think I talked to epileprosy, but i'm not sure if it was him. Also had a guy hit on me. He said that I had a very nice voice. I think that he was a little embarassed about really liking my voice. A nice ego boost for me b/c i think my voice sounds just awful over the phone.

AHHHH!!!! 18 days left to find a job. Must send out more resumes and things.
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