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when last we met

When last we met our heroine her car was in the crapper. it still is. but she has bravely learned to drive Aerith's bright red 8-cyclinder 88 Trans Am. She has been found to say "it goes 'VROOOM'" when talking about it. Good thing it's an automatic, for while our heroine is very gifted in many things, trying to drive a stick is not one of them (see Summer 1998 issue for all the hilarity with Werewolf). Our heroine's car is going to be fixed on friday. But Aerith's car is going to be looked at tomorrow, which leaves our heroine once again begging rides to and from work.

Last weekend, our heroine pretended that she was a superhero named Moray for 12 hours and then went to make sure that no danger lurked at the Cave. She stayed there way too late for her own good, but got to have many a good conversations with the civilians who were there. She also demonstrated her domestic side on Sunday when there was much cleaning of her super not-so-secret base that she shares with Aerith.

Yesterday the evil George came to visit. Thus our heroine has entered into a long fight with this fiend, who has left her tired and irritable. She hopes to vanquish him by friday.

Also, she went to an interview for a new day job. The interview went well and she is happy with it, even though she had some trouble finding the office in the maze of the building.

At present, our heroine is at her day job. And it is lunch time. This evening she is going to try to make it to the Haven.

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