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sleepless night

So tired. Just had the WORST night. Aerith and I went to sleep sometime around 11pm. Around 2am we woke up and couldn't get back to sleep. We tried just about everything and even things that usually induce sleepiness, including reading for a while and throwing off one of the covers. Finally around 4/4:30 or so we fell asleep. Then I ended up waking up again around 5:20 having to go to the bathroom wicked bad b/c I was dreaming that I was in a lecture hall and they were showing a movie and I had to pee while watching the movie, but I didn't want to miss any of it. Of course by the time the alarms went off a million times were were exhausted and just wanted to sleep.

I called my mother this morning just to make sure that everything was ok with her. It is. I really hope that everything is ok with my friends.

in other news, got the car fixed. Runs just fine now.
Aerith and I were sick all weekend. Good thing I had it off. Don't know how I could have spent 8 hours on the phones w/a sore throat.
Got some of the study picked up. It's starting to come together.
2 more days on the phones before the layoff.

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