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So, it's been almost a full week since I was layed off. What have I done so far? Not much is the answer.

In terms of getting back to work, I've put in resumes at several places, including Smith and Amherst College. I called the nice unemployment people so i can get money.

In terms of other things, I'm auditing Latin 15 (Catullus) at Amherst. I just LOVE latin. And Catullus is so much fun. And for all the craziness and irony in the world, PurpleD is in my class. We're on good friendly terms. Finally got to see mortisnightmare :). Now just need to find time to hang out with hermionesviolin. Oh, wait, what am I saying? I have all the time in the world right now.

I've been playing lots of Kings of Chaos (click on the link. you know you want to help my ever-growing army!) and some Puzzle Pirates. And Aerith and I have gotten into "The West Wing" on Bravo.

And the funny thing is that i've also been trying to do lots of housework. I figure as long as I'm not doing anything, I can at least keep the house clean. And it's not really that bad. I've decided that I would love it if Aerith could make enough money to support both of us and I could stay at home all day and cook and clean and spend 3-4 hours a day translating Greek and Latin. (yes, i am a dork. the other day when eating lunch, i was watching this whole thing on Pompii on the Biography Channel).

The only problem with everything is that it feels like i'm on vacation, not that I'm unemployed. Maybe it will hit in a week or two. *shrug*

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