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character development

last night at the game there were coins going around that had suggestive picture of my character on them. She was reacting really harshly and was very upset about the whole thing. After the game Aerith and I were talking about why she/i/whatever was asking like that. He hit on something that might have happened in her past and all of a sudden it clicked. I understood why she was acting the way she was and why she has acted in certain ways in the past. it was so strange. i never thought about his sugestion before, but it made so much sence. I've been spending time thinking more about her past, the exact cirumstances around the event in her life, etc.

in other news, work is starting a whole new call tracking system tommorow. i'm a little (read:lot) scared b/c i've been working at this job in the same why for almost 2 years now. but it should be interesting at least. we'll see.
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