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Still walking on a cloud

The week went pretty well. I don't think my feet have really touched the ground since last saturday. :)

Monday I went to Latin and got to show off my ring.

Tuesday Aerith and I went to Haven where I got to show off my ring. DJ P played "Temple of Love" just for us. We had almost the whole dance floor to ourselves for the whole song. It was really awesome dancing like that with my fiance. Made me start thinking about music for the wedding.

No, we haven't set a date yet.

Thursday we cleaned and vacuumed the whole downstairs and the staircase. Then there was Trek, which was loads of fun (and I got to show off my ring)

On Friday I got meet hermionesviolin for lunch and get my Terry Pratchett books that she bought me in England. Then Mortis and I went to the mall and had an absolute blast shopping. Got a surprise (maybe more) for my fiance (wow, i just LOVE saying that word).

Friday night we went to adan_'s Pirate Party, since it was talk like a pirate day and I got to show off my we see a pattern here? Got to hang out with lots of cool people and talk like a pirate (yar!). At one point, the cops showed up and arrested one of the people who lived there b/c he was being uncooperative. *sigh* I got a little tipsy, but Aerith got pretty drunk. At least he got to remember why he doesn't do that (and I got to give him hell about it the next day).

Satuday we ended up waking up extra early for some crazy reason so we watched the new Lilo and Stitch show on ABC. It sucked, a lot. Then we went back to bed. Around 1pm we actually got up again :)

We met up with Wabres, Safire, & 3G at the mall and bought tickets for Underworld. Then we went to Amherst for ConDuct. It was small and cute. Got to meet some of the founders of SSFFS and Lynn Flewelling, who wrote the Nightrunner series. Aerith and I went to a really informative pannel on world building, but we had to leave early to get to the movie.

Wow, it was such a cheezy movie! It was like a really bad RPG where the main female is dating the GM and he is running his own character. I can definatly see some of White Wolf's points in sueing them. There were so many times when Safire and I just started laughing b/c it was so bad/cheezy.

After the movie, we headed back into Amhert and met up with persival and his girlfriend, Starlight. We were going to go to ABC, but it was full, so we got ice cream instead.

Today Aerith and I met up with Wabres for brunch at this place called Nick's in Amherst. They have french toast challah *happy sigh*. Ran into an old theatre friend there :)

Then Safire, Persival, Starlight, Wabres, Wabres's brother and sister, Aerith and I went raspberry and apple picking. So much fun. Aerith and I ended up with 1 pint of orange and 5 pints red berries. And I got to go onto Wabres's shoulders to pick the apples. So much fun. We need to do more outdoor or just non-sit-at-home-gaming stuff with our friends.

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