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New Instant Message

Due to something really fucked up with AOhelL instant message, I had to get a new name. My new AIM is Athene Numphe

So, this started on Thursday when Persival sent me a chat request which I accepted, but it crashed my AIM when it tried to open. So I log back onto AIM and it says that I'm connected, but it's not showing me any of my buddies, nor is it showing Aerith that I'm online. So I try to log on with his computer and it kicks me off the other computer saying that the name has connected somewhere else, but once again I can't see anyone as online. *sigh* So we go to bed for the night and I figure it will fix itself in the morning. Of course not. Friday morning same problem. So I write to AOL to try to get some help. Haven't heard back from them yet. In the mean time, I'm going crazy w/out being able to talk to people (ah, the internet and instant message, how you've spoiled me). So I make the new screen name (which means Athene "the bride", which is now more apporpreate than Athene "the maiden") and am able to transfer my buddy list without a problem. Still, it sucks.

In other news, someone who has my e-mail address has a virus b/c I'm getting shloads of spam. I know it's not me b/c I can't run a .exe file on my comp.

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