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"wow that's a big rock"

Yesterday while I was filling out forms to work at UMass, another woman who was waiting for her appointment looked at me and said "wow, that's a really big rock" I just started grinning and had to show it off :)

Then ran into kjpepper at Stop&Shop :) Must see more of her.

Came home and I meant to do a whole bunch of stuff, but ended up falling asleep for 2.5 hours.

Rented Muppets From Space to watch last night. Was not as good as I hoped it would be, but it did have its moments. At least dinner came out really well. Thanks to the Fab 5 for teaching me how to properly snap asparagus :) And Aerith did a fantastic job with the steak. It came out just right.

I actually had a dream about my ring last night. Aerith and I were in New Orleans and we were moving into an apartment (in Metire??). I know my grandpa was moving in there too, and my parents were also, i think. well, at least they were both around. Aerith and I went uptown to a random coffee house and we ran into 2 of my old teachers (Ray and Janet) from NOCCA and Anthony Mackie with some NOCCA students. I was trying to show off my ring to Janet and she said something about it being very dull and so we went out into the sunlight so I could show her how sparkely it was, but it was dirty. Then I was back at the apartment and I was trying to clean it, but it was covered with toothpaste and it just got more smudged. I think that it got somewhat cleaner b/c I remember trying to go back to NOCCA to show it off again, but i don't remember much else, except that my grandpa needed attention at some point.

To Do Today:

  • Organize piles in study into better piles and start finding places for some of the stuff in the piles.
  • Catullus 15 and 16
  • Clean up kitchen and living room for Trek tonight
  • Do that secret thing that I want to do (hehe)
  • Eat Lunch - mmm...leftover stake and potato
  • Call the temp agency - nevermind. got a call from Citizens Bank today. Interview on Monday :)
  • Trek
  • Possibly Packards

Oh, and Aerith and I are having a Birthday (we're collectivly turning 51)/Housewarming/Engagement party at our place on October 11th. Mark your calendars.

And, RHPS is going to be playing in South Hadley starting this weekend. *bounce bounce bounce* It's been way too long since I've been to a Rocky showing!

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