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Ants in my pants

well, they're not in my pants. They're in my kitchen. They are ALL over my kitchen. I'm not really sure why. Before we left for the weekend I made sure to take out the trash, run the dish washer and do all the dishes. I think they're coming in the front door to get away from the cold. But where are they getting food???? And why MY house. We have ant traps out (we put them out when we moved in), but maybe they got old or ran out or something. argh! I want the ants to go away!

To Do

  • Warm wash - include all towels and Aerith's pillow case
  • Clean kitchen

    • Take out all trash
    • Take out recycling
    • Put away dishes
    • Clean all counter-tops, including stove and microwave
    • Clean the floor (get ants)

  • Clean downstairs bathroom
  • vacuum by the door and edge of kitchen (get ants)
  • Make eye appointment for Aerith - next wed, 4:45pm
  • Call about health benifit stuff
  • Call Acme to give Audrey an oil change - next tues, 8am
  • Call temp agency/agencies.
  • Pay Comcast and Verizon bills

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