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The almighty floor day

Well, now that i've spent over an hour trying to find pretty places to have a wedding and getting all discouraged over the fact that they all look nice and expensive and not perfect, I think it's time to start cleaning.

To Do on this day, the all-mighty floor day:

  • Finish cleaning the sofa with uppolstry cleaner
  • Clean the upstairs bathroom
  • Clean and dust all downstairs serfaces in the living room area
  • Eat Lunch
  • Vacuum all of downstairs
  • Vacuum stairs
  • Clean up bedroom, dust it
  • Vacuum bedroom floor
  • Sort all papers in study. Try to find more of study's floor
  • Vacuum study (if possible)
  • Go to deposit unemployment check
  • Get stuff from Hardwear store
  • Pick up Aerith at work and head down to CostCo to get stuff for party (any who want to come will should let me know and be avalible by 4:15).

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