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Party results

mmm...was a good party. Lots of fun people showed up. There were only a couple of people missing (and some had a good excuse of bad tummys *send out hugs*). There was SO much alcohol! We now have lots of home-made mead.

At the party we announced a tentitive wedding date: Saturday June 18, 2005. :)

We also had a TROGDOR cake made by my sister with icing made by me and design drawn by Pirate Wench. Another pic of it.

After some people left, we played Apples to Apples. hehehehe. What a great game. We had some absolutly hillarious answers (especially to the green apple "fragrant").

Rev Tom got us the 2nd Munchkin expansion pack and a copy of "The Italian Job" on dvd. And Aerith's friend (who I have yet to think of a good nickname for) gave us this beautiful dragon fountain from Spencer Gifts. I just spent half an hour trying to find a picture of it online, but I couldn't find one. But it has 4 different dragons and crystals and it's just exquisit. Also, I gave Aerith pajamas and he gave me these pajamas in lilac (which i'm wearing now) and also these.

So, I had a really good time and I think that everyone else did too. I'm glad that we got the place all clean and were able to show it off :).

This morning we (and by "we", I mean my amazing sister) made pancakes. Our new pans rock. Once they heat up, the make them super fast.

Then after we dropped Pirate Wench and Cimmy off at the bus station, we ran some errands and then came home, cleaned up from the party more, and then I crashed on the-guy-i-haven't-named-yet's knee while watching Spy Kids 2 on Showtime.

Now it's bed time. Tomorrow it's do lots of Latin and start organizing the books time.

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