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Attack of the Alphabetizing

Well, now all the books are off of the shelves and into little alphabetical piles by author/editor. I think that "H", "B", "E", and "W" have the most paperbacks (or at least the tallest stacks). "R" wins w/hardcover b/c I have all 5 Harry Potter books in hardcover. The books aren't organized within the piles b/c I'm waiting for Aerith to come home to talk to him about weither we want to set them up purely alphabettical or seperate out based on genre (sci-fi/fantasy, theatre, classics, etc). I think my preference right now is to put all theatre related things (plays and discussions of plays/theatre), all classics related things (books in Greek and Latin, books about the ancient world), and all pagan books in seperate spots and group everything else together.

Well, time to go out and return the returnable recycling to help get rid of the ants. Evil ants. They just keep coming. It's really annoying to lay out new traps and watch them just walk right around/under them. *sigh*
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