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just an update

nothing overly important to say. Just wanted to give an update.

Now that all the books are alphabettical and lined up on the shelves, I feel like the house is pretty much done. well, there are the little every day messes, and a few "boxes of all the shit that was lying around and doesn't have a home" in the closet. But other than that...

Also, we got a printer from Mommala yesterday. Yay for printers. Now that i have one and the house is done, I feel like I can step up my job search. I have an interview tomorrow through a temp agancy with this place that's about 20 min away for something part-time. I'm not sure if it's even worth it except for to make unemployment run longer...well, we'll see how it goes.

I was talking to my Latin prof after class and he thinking that I could do the UMass MAT program (he said he'd even write me a rec). So I went and looked at some GRE books at B&N on my way home. I have no clue which one to pick. And does the GRE let you use a calculator? I think I'd like to try to go to grad school at UMass next fall, so I better get my act in gear.

The leaves outside the window are turning red. It's pretty. I wish my mother could see it.

Well, off to apply for Blockbuster b/c it's close by and i'd get free movies :)

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