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the weekend and stuff

So after sleeping for lots and lots on friday, Aerith came home from with with the Frenchman. Of course I imediatly freeked out b/c I looked like I had slept all day...well, I had. After the Frenchman left, Aerith and I decided to spend the night in in our new PJs. Just a comfy night of mindless tv, reading, and puzzle pirates (i'm learning how to be a captain)...

Saturday we got up and went to the eye doctor to get Aerith's perscription. I now have an appointment myself on Wed. I'm a little nervous. I haven't been since my sophomore year of high school (over 8 years). After that we went to Nick's in Amherst with Wabres. I had a waffle which was very good, but the fake strawberry stuff on top was nasty. Next time, no strawberry stuff. Then Aerith and I went looking for Docs for Aerith, but they were all either over priced or not in his size (or both), so we came home. Around 3 or so, Aerith's-friend-who-i-haven't-named-yet showed up and we all hung out for a while and ordered pizza and stuff. While getting ready to go out, I had a really important realization*. Then we went to the Cave party, but left early (before the ex showed up, thank goddess) to go to RHPS, where I looked fucking hot and had a total blast! I definatly want to go again.

Sunday we got up late, lazed around for a bit, and then Wabres came over, the-guy-who-isn't-named left, and we went to the store, where we forgot to get dish soap. Oops. Then Wabres showed Aerith and I how to make Chicken Marsala. Yay! It was really yummy. After dinner (and before dinner too), we hooked up the 2 laptops Wabres brought over and all played Puzzle Pirates together. Ah, so much fun. and much easier when you can just talk to people without having to pause your game to type it.

Late last night/this morning, George decided to pay his monthy visit. Right on time. And nice and painful, hence no gym for me today.

I had a really strange dream last night where I was at latin class in Amherst but the room looked different and the prof was there, but all of a sudden some sort of alarm went off and I realized that I had a dentist appointment (which I do today, during class time) and I was late picking up Aerith, so I rushed out of the room and that's all I remember. I guess it was my subconsious reminding me not to go to class today but feeling guilty about having to miss two classes in a row.

* I realized on saturday night something that has always perplexed Aerith and I was never able to put it into words. I'm going to try now and see how it comes out. Aerith has always wondered why it was that I could wear almost nothing to RHPS and yet not that same almost nothing to Haven. I always knew that it had to do with apropreateness, but I could never explain it futher than that, I mean, I would see people where almost nothing to Haven all the time. I think that what it is is that when I go to a goth club I have this feeling like there is a standard of dress -- all black, flowy, heavy chains, etc. That people at the club will judge you based on how well you present yourself within these codes of dress. If you break them (go too over the top, show up in "normal" clothing, etc) then you will be riduculed, talked about, judged unworthy, etc. I think some of that may also have to do with what I feel is comfortable to see others wearing while walking around/dancing in a club. And of course on some level I know that no one really cares as much about what you are wearing as you do.

But RHPS is something totally different. At Rocky you can just let it go. There is no standard of dress or decency. You have everything and everything is accepted. You'll find a virgin in jeans and a tee-shirt sitting in front of a boy in a corset. You'll see people in their underwear and people clothed from head to toe. You'll see no makeup, to virgins with their lipstick Vs, to people with their face whited and heavy eyeshadow and lipstick. And it doesn't matter. No one judges. Everyone just has a good time. For me, Rocky is the place where I feel the most free to just let go, cut loose and be a rude little bitch. And I love it. I love the acceptance, I love the freedom, I love the wildness. I love that no one says, "my line is better than yours" but "hey, i hadn't heard that one before. I like it." And I love the fact that for just two hours people can let all their masks down and go crazy and then the movie is over, they put on their coats, return to the normal world and come back next week to do it all again.

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