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home again

so, i'm home now. I like being home. but i miss aerith!!

the flight was pretty cool. they had some of the rocky horror show playing on one of the "radio" stations.

I had dinner with dad and ada. then mom called at 10 and i came home. it's good to see her, but she looks so thin (well, thin for my mom). And her MG was really acting up so that she was having trouble talking. I ended up reading some of harry potter 2 to her. that was cool.

yesterday dad, ada and i went to pick up Cimmy from her b/fs new apartment at ULL. Nice place. Right on the edge of campus. The rooms are decent sized and well kept. Not as big as our place, but a good first apartment. I got to walk around the ULL campus. Dude, there is a SWAMP in the middle of the campus. It's really cool. There are gators and everything in it!!!! The campus itself was much nicer than i expected it to be, which was a pleasent surprise.

dad took us out to dinner, which was cool.

cimmy and i did a lot of talking on our way back. I told her about Venus5. I think she is interested to see it b/c she likes Sailor Moon too (actually, she was the one who got me watching it).

Then got home and found out the cousins and aunt and uncle are going to be coming in on friday. of course mom is freeked out about how bad the house looks. bfd. we'll get it cleaned. well, i will clean and cim will get pissed that i am cleaning and being the "good girl" and shit. Well, i think that if i just say yes and do what mom asks, it's just so much easier than being negitive and getting into a fight.

damn, my bagel is cold and perkigoth keeps cutting out.

I had some dreams that i really wanted to recored in here, but i can't remember them. The only one that i remember was this one from friday where we were doing this haunted house, but it wasn't haunted, it was more of a dungeon/improve/Munchkin thing with some of Light up the sky thrown in. It was very strange. the other two dreams esacpe me now.

when i mentioned to my mom about the whole bat thing at the theatre, mom said that one time in school someone came to talk to us about bats and i was the only one interested and kept asking questions. I don't remember this, but it makes me wonder about my bat afinity. I should research bats and figure out what it means and how they connect to me.

have to go to the Mall with Cim now.
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