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I worked today :) Just a one day thing, but it made me happy. :)

I was at home playing Puzzle Pirates and in the middle of battle the phone rings and it's from a temp agency and they have a one day thing. So I ask her if I can call her back, we get to a port with a bank, I bank my P.O.E. and get a one day filing thing over at this assisted living apartment complex in Amherst.

Yes boys and girls, I worked at the Projects for a day. It's so strange how different it is from the idea of "the projects" I have from New Orleans. I mean it's in one piece (not great looking piece, but not totally run down) and the people in the office know everyone and I had no fear of my car being stolen or me being shot at. Sometimes I forget that I'm not in a big city anymore.

But it was work and it was dull filing and sorting shit, but I earned money. I am happy.

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