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More on Howard II

So, rogueactor and bellebet came up yesterday to sell me my new Howard. At some point reverandtom, wabres, and godspiel showed up, well, rev. tom showed up b/c he had a flat and called Aerith to help him change it to the spare in his car.

We were going to go out to dinner with Safire et al, but RA isn't a fan of Chilli's (and frankly, I agree with him most of the time). So, Aerith, RA, BB, and I went to Osaka and sat at a Habatchi table. I'd never had Habatchi before. It was so cool. The cook juggled eggs which for someone who can't juggle was extra impressive (especially the way that he got one to land in his pocket and one to land in his hat. Then he cooked the eggs and flipped a little piece of one right into Aerith's mouth. hehe. The food was really good too.

After dinner, we came back here and Wabres and Godspiel, Safire and 3G showed up and we all hung out until Aerith and I kicked everyone out for some special "just the two of us time."

Yesterday and today I have been working on getting Howard II running the way that I like. I downloaded a bunch of programs (like netsacpe and phoenix). Then I networked Howard the Bold and Howard II together and transfered a whole bunch of files and settings and things. Was able to xfer over all of my old mailboxes and e-mails. yay yay.

I've downloaded a whole bunch of sounds too, espcially some Star Wars ones from here. I really want to get netscape mail to play, "Greetings Exhaulted One" everytime I get new mail, but it's not working right.

I figure I'll be spending a lot of time playing with the computer, setting things up and the like.

And now, more Catullus.

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