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thursday my sis and I went to the mall. We drove WAY past the exit on the highway and had to turn around and go back down Vets. We finally made it to the mall. We had the best time wantering into all the stores at Lakeside that we have visited hundredes of times before. Express is selling thier long sleeve shirts again. Anyone in NoHo want to go to the mall with me so i can buy more of them sometime after I get back?

Then we went into Vicky Secs. There were these really beautiful corsets there and they came in all different colors. We started looking for smalls in the sky blue (for me) and the red (for cim). A sales lady came over to us and asked us if she could help us. We explained how we were looking for smalls, but it is so hard to find them. In the corse of taking to her, it came out that we were sisters (no shock there, we look like sisters!). Finally, I found a small in the blue but Cim couldn't find one in red. We went into the dressing room so she could help me into the corset. Then the sales lady started calling out for her "sisters". She had rememebered that they always put smalls on the manaquins and so got Cim a small. The two of us hooked eachother up and tightened the laces and so on. it was SOOO Victorian!!! We were laughing really hard. Then we showed the sales ladies how we looked. We looked good. I wish we had a camera. But, alas, the corsets were $78 each! We had to talk our way out of them pretty quickly. I think they are still on hold for us at the store. oops. i should call them about it. oh well.

Then I drove us to Linen and Things so Cim could get a shower tote. We must have spent half an hour there before she finally decided on the one that was the first one i pointed out to her. :)

Yesterday I got up late and cleaned up and stuff because the relatives were coming around 10pm. Mom went out to dinner w/her lady friends. I showed Cim Invader Zim which she had never seen. The episodes were ok, not the best ones i've seen.

Then Z-dude (as Cim's b/f will now be called) and Blue-Skunk (as my "brother" will now be called) showed up. Z-dude had just driven in from ULL. He and Cim disappeared into her room (no surprise there), but not before the discovery that they were both stoned. So, Blue-Skunk and I went out on the back porch and smoked up. hehehehe. Then Cim and Z-dude went out with friends and Blue-Skunk and I went out to Ninos's. I had never been out while stoned before. Very interesting experiance. We got home before 10. around 10 my aunt, uncle, cousins, and little 2nd cousin (who's three) showed up. Then after aunt and uncle left (they are staying at Grandpa's), mommy showed up. Cuz J, Blue-Skunk, and I went out on the porch and made Cuz S worry that Cuz J is going to get kicked out of the Peace Core before she even goes to Africa b/c of a non-existant random drug test. But we had fun. And then tried to watch Monty Python. Way too much for us sometimes *G* SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM! Well, Cuz S and little-dude are up, so i should get off of the computer and hang out with them.
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