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ok, the long post

I just spend a week in New Orleans with my mommy (and my sister for a little bit).

Mondaythe wonderful wabres taxi service drove me to the airport. The plane ride was pretty uneventful. I (re)read about half of The Pillars of the World.

When I got into New Orleans I had to call Mommy on a pay-phone (cheeper than roaming charges on my cell) b/c I forgot where I was going to meet her. Good thing I did. We totally would have missed eachother. It was weird to be "home" again when I have another home. But it was great to hang out with my mom. I slept in the guest room b/c my room was a dusty mess.

Tuesday I went with my mom to her class (she teaches 2nd and 3rd grade). I ran into lots of teachers whom I've known since I was in 4th grade. They were all gushing about my ring and being engaged. Ran into a girl who used to babysit me when I was 9. She's student teaching now. I'm taller than her. It's strange.

I spent a lot of my time that day either helping my mom with the kids or reading my book. By the end of the day I had finished the book. I think that a lot of the kids were really impressed by seeing someone read 200+ pages in a few hours. I also talked to my mom's and Ms. Beth's classes (they are sharing a room b/c they had to move buildings b/c lead was found in the paint in the normal building) about ancient Greece. I started writing a bit of Greek on the board and the kids just loved it. They all wanted to copy it down. :) But I couldn't talk to them about it for long b/c they had music. I did get lots of hugs by the end of the day. And one girl drew a picture of me with "welcome to my clas Ms. Allison" written on it. This picture is proudly displayed on my fridge :)

That night mom and I went out to Frankie and Johnny's with athanata. Then Athanata and I went to check out her "cute coffee boy" and I got chocolate covered expresso beans. much evil. Then we walked around the quarter for a while and played hopscotch outside of the Crystal/Whirling Dirvish/whatever.

Wednesday mom took the day off from work and we hung out in the morning just talking about things. Then we drove downtown and found a free parking space by the casino. We cut through the Casino and it was so weird. I've never been in a Casino before, but it looked just like I thought one should (from the movies and everything). Then we went to Canal Place and I tried on some really bad clothing and then got a really great haircut. Then we walked over to the Riverwalk and checked out some of the stores and got some fudge. yummy fudge.

more later.

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