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ok, the long post (part II)

Thursday I stayed at home and I was supposed to clean, but I ended up reading a good chunk of Shadows and Light (the next book in the Anne Bishop Tir Alainn series). Oops. :) I was supposed to go out with athanata that night, but she was tired and I was tired, so I ended up watching half of The Matrix with my mother. She'd never seen it before. And I hadn't seen it in widescreen in ages.

Friday I met up with Nique for breakfast as the Panola St. Cafe. It was great to see her since I hadn't seen her in ages and we've been friends since 5th grade. I need to keep in touch with her more often. But I'm glad that she's doing well.

That afternoon I went to mom's school again and talked more to the kids about ancient greece. They asked some really good questions, like "What kind of games did they play?" "Did they go to school?" "Did they have beds?". I also taught them some of the Greek Alpahbet. They really like it. After lunch and rescess they got a treat for Thanksgiving. Before they came into the classroom I had to make sure that all of the bags had the same amount of candy b/c some had 5 and some had 4. So after I was done they all had 4...yum :) I got lots of hugs from the kids and after school while waiting for my mother I finished my book.

We went to Maple St. to see if they had the third book. They didn't, but we did run into raven_lenore, ms. brown, and mr. music. Lenore had to go, but I got to hang out with the others which was good b/c I missed them and it gave me a chance to catch up on what's been going on. I ended up getting a copy of Wicked. I tried to get in touch with my ex-b/f Queequag, but it didn't work.

When I got home (or to my mother's house...) there was a message from Athanata. She picked me up and we went out to dinner at Bacco. We had amazing parking karma and got a spot right outside of the resurant. The food was really good. I had the Black Truffle Fettuccine as an appetizer, then we split the Duck Breast and I had Bacco Cioccolato (which is "Rich Callebaut chocolate custard, flavored with Framboise, served with a housemade Italian cookie topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings") for dessert. It was so rich that I couldn't finish it. Then we went to Tower Records and then to her apartment so I could meet her fat cat :)

more later. food now.

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