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ok, the long post (part III)

Saturday mom and I went over to the wank (west bank) and I got a copy of House of Gaian and a copy of Cracking the GRE, which i need to read through and sign up for a test date soon. Then we visited kotchcala, but her house was dusty and has way too many animals and i started reacting to it in a bad way.

Then right after we got home an exhaustedqueencimmy and stagemonkey showed up. Cim was so tired that she couldn't even express what she wanted for food. But mom figured it out and made her pancakes (i had some too...yummy mommy pancakes). Then we chilled on the couch for a bit. Finally mommy left w/her friends and cimmy and monkey went upstairs to nap and stuff. I read House of Gaian and did laundry (including my sheets so i could sleep in my own room). Cimmy and I were supposed to go to dinner and then to Draven's dance thing, but Cimmy was so tired that i let her sleep. She woke up and called Draven to appologize that she didn't make it, but it was ok b/c Draven ended up coming over. We hung out and watched some of "Once More with Feeling." Draven left around 1am. I stayed up (in my own room) and finished the book at about 3:30am. I really liked it, but the end was bitter-sweet and made me wish that Aerith was around so I could cuddle into him for comfort.

Sunday we all got up late and mommy made us begnettes. yummy. :) Then mom, cimmy, and I went to visit grandpa. He looks good for 91. It's amazing. Then mom, cimmy, and I went to the mall, espcially Express. I got two pairs of Editor pants which is good b/c I needed some nice looking work clothing. I also got a sweater and a really sexy work shirt.

After we got home, we watched the rest of The Matrix. Mom really liked it :)
Then I started to pack up my stuff and figure out which things I wanted to take with me from my old room. I got my witch and my second Bast and some other little things (including the guitar pick that Adam Pascal threw off-stage during the very first London preview performance of Rent). Had a long talk w/cim which was good. I love that girl to pieces!

Monday i was supposed to get up at 4:45am, but the alarms never went off. Luckly I was able to jump up when mom came upstairs just before 5:30am. We made it to the airport in 25 minutes. yay for automatic check in. But then i turned and there was a huge line to get through security. Luckly two nice men let me cut in front of them and about 30 min before my plane was to take off the airport people made a second line for everyone who had a 7am flight. I went through security just fine this time (i was smart and took off my shoes before walking through the metal decetor...also, i wasn't wearing the pants with all the snaps and buckles). On the first leg of my journey I sat next to this really nice girl and we chatted a bit. The second plane was running a little late. I knew that the wabres taxi service was picking me up, so as soon as we could use our phones I gave him a call, but i just got his answering machine. Then I messaged Aerith to let him know i was in. All of a sudden I got a call back from him wondering where I was. I told him that I was still in the plane. But i knew it was later than his usual lunch time, even though he said that he was taking a late lunch, I heard a voice in the background that didn't quite sound like his boss. I started hoping that he had come with wabres to pick me up (like i was hoping would happen), but i didn't count on it. I finally got off the plane and went down to the baggage section. I didn't see Wabres, but as i was walking towards the bags, Aerith was there with a rose from me. He had come by himself :) :) :) :) :) :). I was so happy to see him. We got my lugage and headed home. He had taken the rest of the day off from work...

So, that was my trip. Overall I had a really good time, but it was weird, because it was the first time home since I had another place that was really mine. Looking around my room I realized that it was me and not me at the same time. While New Orleans will always be my home, it's starting to become more of "my mother's house" and here is home.

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