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Turkey Day Festivities

This was lordaerith's and my first Thanksgiving that we celebrated at our own place. We had a 7lbs turkey breast, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry jelly stuff, and gravy. I had wanted to get green beans, but I forgot to buy them at the store.

The day itself went well. We got up late and then freeked out b/c Aerith's mom was supposed to be showing up with her gentleman friend in an hour. So we scurried about in an effort to clean up the place really quickly. However, we got a call from his mother around noon saying that they were at Zoe's Resturant and they were going to have "dinner" there, would we like to join them. We said "no thank you" b/c we wanted to have our own dinner at our house. So, then we were able to clean with less preasure :)

We put in the turkey around 2:20 and then his mom showed up. She was a terror as usual. She saw my alter and was like, "what's this? voodoo or something??" I had to explain that it was my alter. Well, she can think of me whatever she likes. I'm still going to marry her son. She and her friend left around 4:30 or so. I had already started to boil the potatoes.

Actually everything came together and was done at almost the exact same time. *contented sigh* I love it when that happens. Aerith and I set the table and we were able to sit down and have a nice meal. I've decided that I'm still not a big fan of stuffing and that i wished there were green beans. I like green beans. But the turkey...besides being HUGE, it was excelent. I did an excelent job with it, if I must say so myself. And we have lots and lots of turkey leftovers...mmm....turkey...yummy yummy yummy!!!!!

After dinner I called my mom and sister quickly. I also called my dad, but he wasn't there. Then Aerith and I watched about 2 hours of The Godfather (we finished it last night). Such an excelent movie.
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