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The work situation

Last week not 2 hours after I got back home, one of the temp agencies called me to see if I could work for a day on Wed. Sure could. It was this company right near Smith that handles HR stuff (like payrolls and insurance) for small companies.

While I was there, the same temp agency called me and asked if I could work Mon-Wed for a Lawyer place in downtown NoHo. Bad for Catullus class, but good for the wallet.

Also was called by a company in NoHo that I had sent my resume to for an interview. Have called back twice to try to set up interview, but haven't heard back yet...the job is still listed on their website *crosses fingers*

I still need to register for the GREs. However, the way things are looking right now, I may need to put off grad school for another year. *sigh*

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