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yesterday was grandpa's birthday. he turned 89. we made him a playboy bunny cake :) and had chinese food. it was fun. Little Joe is sooo cute sometimes, espcially his "I'm the boss" contest with Z-dude. I am glad that the whole family came in town. Little Joe and Cuz J and I went running around outside in the rain. I love the rain.

Z-dude left and went off to college. Cimmy is really sad. She's not going to get to see him for a while. Poor thing, but she's keeping busy packing and stuff. I think some friends just came over.

we went to the quarter with Cuz J today. She's awesome. I went into Esoterica to say hi to Mimi for Buffie. I feel glad that i did that, but the NRG in the store was really weird. Then we met up with aunt and uncle, cuz s and little joe at Virgin Megastore.

Cim and I caught the bus back. Hurray for the erract N.O. bus system!!

oh, saw Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Such a funny movie. But what really surprised me was the difference in styles of the people in New Orleans vs. those in the Valley. it was very strange.

Part of me wishes that I was in NoHo, b/c then i could have gone to the MeatFest and to Chickadee's sleep-over and to the "All-Important" vote at Haven. but i am glad to be home and i am excited about going to NYC and seeing rocky (hopefully).
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