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sweetness and pirate party

Last night Aerith had dinner almost done when i got home from work..awww...We started watching PotC and making up first lists of people we want to invite to the wedding.

Reason I love Aerith, number 12,304: Sometimes he can be so sweet. Like this morning when I rolled over onto his chest and my leg ended up outside of the covers, reached over and pulled the covers over me, making sure I was warm, since I wasn't feeling well yesterday.

Oh, and he asked me to annouce this:
Pirate Party
(yeah, i know they've been happening a lot this year)
Why:To celebrate Pirates of the Carribean on DVD (and b/c it's really cold out, so we all wish we were in the Carribean...ok, I do. I know some crazy people like the cold *grin*)
Where: Our house (if you don't know where that is, ask)
When: Friday, Dec 12th, around 7ish...
What: Dress like a pirate, drink rum and grog, watch PotC and other pirate movies (probably some Erroyl Flin and stuff)

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